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Google Analytics vs. Microsoft adCenter Analytics

02Mar, 2022

I recently installed the Microsoft adCenter Analytics tracking code to my website. I find that having more then 1 web analytics tool installed in some cases is not “overkill” especially when you are comparing data to ensure its accuracy when you observe behaviour that is not normal. The other day I noticed about 87 visitors come in from a referral from StumbleUpon. I myself do not have an account and the time with StumbleUpon (I do now). But a 100 visitor rise in traffic is enough to make me sit up and take notice. The first thing that I noticed comparing in two different systems is this…

The amount of forensics you can do on your data

Being able to understand the “why” and “how” of observing patterns in data is key to success to performing solid website analysis. I noticed that Google Analytics did a good job when it came to giving me the name of the source, durations and narrowing it down. However Microsoft was limited (even though it’s a Beta version) at best and you really have to dig to find the information you want. Have a look…

I find a lot lacking in the Beta release from Microsoft because Google Analytics is at a point where it is very user-friendly so in my opinion from a usability standpoint Microsoft could learn a ton from Google Analytics in terms of application functionality.

The graphs are too small; the views that are offered lack the thought of the people that will be using it. It wasn’t designed with people in mind. Most times people want more options of analysing and sorting data then just “view contents of the group” or “view segmentation by item = Age, Gender, Occupation or Geographic Location”. In terms of segmenting data for marketing efforts I feel that this is the bare minimum which Google Analytics offers more then vast amounts of information.

Because the term “Web Analytics” is turning into a big keyword for the next version of the web, an internet based on intelligence, intelligent web applications and the people who use them in everyday life, naturally many people believe that you just need to pick a tool, install and configure it and start tracking traffic but if Web Analytics is used wisely it runs deeper then the tools you use and it is a practice of applying tools and knowledge and business smarts to develop your business online.


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